Typewriter Drop Test #1: The Cursed JP4

Well, I suppose it eventually happens to some of us, and now it’s happened to me. I dropped a typewriter. ): Admittedly, it was a cursed typewriter, one that’s had just about every misfortune an electric typebar machine can have other than a busted belt since I obtained the poor thing. It did work well at first, and I liked it quite a lot. The touch and sound were nice, and the look and feel had a high-quality tone to it, a much more Cadillac sort of machine than the Apollo 10 that I had traded it for, but the keys had gummed up solid and the power shift had gone wonky since I used it last, and it’s been on the back burner for at least a year. I pulled it out last night and diagnosed the issues today (very frustrating), and had them all fixed except the gummed up keys, and so I took it out to the garage for a solvent soak and blowout. And then, disaster. I had it on a chair on it’s tail, leaned back so I could blow out the underneath. It was leaned back on the backrest, but the chair was padded, and while I turned away to turn off the compressor, I heard a *crash*. Dammit. The thing had sunk enough into the chair’s seat pad that the weight shifted forward and it flipped off the chair right onto the pavement. *sigh*. Well, I guess the Typewriter Gods were telling me something – near every time I wanted to type on it, something was wrong, and now I’d just spent a couple hours fixing the power shift, figuring out new feet for it finally, and cleaning it *again*, and now it’s broken bits on the floor. Message received, Typewriter Gods. The JP-4 is now a parts machine.

It’s not the machine’s fault, though. The JP-4 is a pretty nice machine and I gained a lot of respect for the build quality and design while I had it. I wouldn’t mind having another, but maybe without the Power Return. Sometimes it’s just not meant to happen, and one must accept the will of the Typewriter Gods. Selah.

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Updated: May 15, 2024 — 11:32 am


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  1. Ah, sad to see!

  2. At least you didn’t hurt yourself trying to save it. I can imagine that baby would do quite a number on a back or fingers.

    1. eeeh, actually, I’ve got a nice bruise on my shin from its trip down. Just a flesh wound. :D

  3. Oh damn.

    My JP4 (sans power return) also impresses me as a high-quality typewriter, even though it’s not functioning properly due to a missing rack tooth.


    1. Well, mine’s a parts machine now – you want the rack? It’s elite. (:

  4. I will file away this sad story for future reference – I may hit you up for parts some day if I come across a JP in need of a piece.

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