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  1. So how does a cloth ribbon work on a daisywheel? Does he load the original cartridge with ribbon, then use it until it runs out and manually rewind it?

    1. Well, they used to make them, a sort of “economy” ribbon, non-correctible, of course. I Have a couple for my Nakajimas, but they don’t work as well as his does – sometimes they have soft foam rubber feed rollers that disintegrate.

      As for how it worked, the Nakajima ones have a loop of ribbon all z-folded in rows inside the ribbon shell. A lot of dot-matrix printer ribbons were built like this, kinda like an 8-Track tape, but carefully folded rather than on a center-feed reel. Since it’s a loop, no reverse is needed – it never reaches an *end*.

  2. Good to know my letter got to you OK!
    You wouldn’t happen to have any friends who make new Daisywheel cartridges, would you? That thing is a pain to write on, but maybe I’d use it more often if it had some more variety to it.

    1. Nobody I know makes daisywheels yet. Seems unlikely, considering how many typewheel formats there are, but who knows? Probably someday. (:

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