Month: February 2011

1938 Remington-Rand Model 1

Is it possible to totally and completely forget that you own a particular typewriter? Apparently you can, if you bought it long enough ago and have enough others to occupy your attention. I totally forgot I owned this 1938 Remington-Rand Model 1, and just found it today whilst cleaning out a closet.  It was a […]

Typewriters Under Glass…

Nifty! I found a place to display the typewriters from my collection which are not in my current typing rotation at home. The 9 machines that I was keeping stored at the office are now on display in the reception area. From top left to bottom right they are: “Blair” (Olympia Socialite), “Indy” (Tower Skyriter), […]

1968 Olympia SM 9 Deluxe

Wow, it must be Olympia week at Goodwill! After my great find of the 1966 SM-9 yesterday, I hit up the other two Goodwill stores today, and lo and behold, I find another Oly SM-9, this time a 1968 model, for $9. Sadly, the case was missing, so I at first passed it up. Later, […]

Doris Day, the 1966 Olympia SM 9 De Luxe

Some strange force compelled me to stop by the local Goodwill store yesterday after work, a force that whispered insistently “There’ll be a nice, shiny black Voss waiting for you, i guarantee it!” (This voice has popped up regularly since I saw the pics of Duffy Moon’s beautiful Voss). Well, the voice lied, sorta. There […]