Month: April 2020

Screeds in the Rain & a Favorite Brother JP-1

Weapon of Choice: Thunderbird 3, 1966 Montgomery Wards Signature 440T Someone in the Facebook ATC asked today what our favorite Brother JP-1 variations are, and by happenstance, I had just spent a drizzly afternoon yesterday outside with one of mine, the 1966 Monkey Ward Signature 440T. Yesterday was all about screeds, unfortunately – stuff I […]

The Linux Chronicles #4: Overcoming the Problem of Trying to Scan Thousands of Two-Sided Pages with a Non-Duplexing Scanner.

Weapon of Choice: 1957 Tower Commander And this is after I already chewed through two volumes… I’m not real sure where I’ll store these Victor manuals after they’re scanned. The shelves are gettin’ pretty full of reference material. Wildlife Photography indoors. Everything’s indoors… The Process: First I scanned the whole book on one side, saving […]