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Stapler of the Week: 1936 Bostitch B5

Ahh, the venerable, tank-like Bostitch B5 stapler. I remember using these in school back in the 1970’s, but the version that my school used was the battleship grey wrinkle painted ones from the 50’s. Interestingly, Bostitch seems to have followed the painting scheme used by Royal typewriters, where they used black wrinkle paint in the […]

Stapler of The Week: The Aceliner

The Ace Aceliner, a true classic. Probably the first stapler I actually sought out after seeing them on other Typosphere blogs. It’s a popular design, easy to get ahold of, and there’s probably one in every casual stapler collector’s corral. There are at least two different variations, probably indicating a change in design and tooling […]

Stapler of the Week: 1938 Ace Pilot Model 404

Found at a Goodwill for $2 a few weeks ago, the Ace Pilot is a simple-looking, but feature-rich stapler.  It has a unique anvil with a flip-up staple splayer rather than a two-position anvil that clicks into the two positions. It also features a ratcheted striker mechanism unique to these chrome Ace staplers, that makes […]