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  1. I have an old Hotchkiss, No. 2 if I remember correctly. It has no follower for the staples, and uses those flat staples, connected to each other by a flat “bridge.” Somehow, when you hit it, it cuts the bridge, and the cut off staple fastens the paper. I don’t know what or how the strip of staples is then moved into position. I’ve had it for maybe 65 years. About 10 years ago, I saw where a guy on eBay had staples for it, so I ordered I think 500. They are in strips of maybe 25 each. Each staple takes about 1/4″ from the strip, considering the 1/2 “bridge” tab on each side, plus the width of the staple. Do you want a strip?

    1. Oh, good Lord, no – but thank you. I’d be tempted to actually use it if I had staples for it :D

  2. Very nice looking stapler.

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