Month: June 2014

Thrilling Typewriter Database Tales of Terror: The Quest for A Complete Serial Number List for Remington Blind Writers…

I’ll admit freely that I’ve been putting off the task of rebuilding the Typewriter Databases’ Remington serial number page for well over a year. I’ve had the bulk of Source #18 from Richard Polt since then, and it’s been reasonably clear to me that the data it contains is very likely either a direct-from-the-factory master […]

Update: ProfessorC’s Non-Selectrics

By now you’ve gawked at the trailer full of Selectrics that my pal ProfessorC has obtained, now marvel at some of the other stuff. The non-Selectrics he wants to unload pretty quick, as-is. He’s only interested in Selectrics, and wants to refurbish all of those. Here is a partial list of the manual machines he […]

Selectrics by the Truckload!

So a bit ago I got an excited email from ProfessorC, he who is a young Jedi Master of Selectrics, and who has a restoration of a rare and incredibly complex IBM Composer under his belt. He told me of a trove of Selectrics and parts offered to him by a fellow in Arkansas¬† who […]