Update: ProfessorC’s Non-Selectrics

By now you’ve gawked at the trailer full of Selectrics that my pal ProfessorC has obtained, now marvel at some of the other stuff.

The non-Selectrics he wants to unload pretty quick, as-is. He’s only interested in Selectrics, and wants to refurbish all of those.

Here is a partial list of the manual machines he has:
SC Classic 12 manual port, tan w/case
SC Classic 12 manual port, blue w/case
SC Galaxie Manual port, blue w/case
SC Super Speed manual desk
Remington Quiet-Riter Eleven manual port, w/case
Remington Quiet-Riter manual port, no case
Royal Fiesta manual portable
Royal Apollo 12 elec portable
Underwood-Olivetti manual port w/case
Underwood Golden Touch manual desk
Royal Aristocrat manual desk
Underwood Five manual desk
Royal 440 manual desk, blue
Royal FP manual desk, gray
Royal KHM manual desk, black (LRU) (right platen knob broken)
Royal Arrow manual port w/woodgrain case (needs linespace repair)

He’d love to sell all these as-is for the future owner to refurbish and repair. He’s taking offers on one or all.

profc-IBM_D profc-manual_1 profc-manual_2 profc-manual_3 profc-manual_4

Dozens and dozens of NOS ribbons on metal spools (1/2″ and 9/16″) black and black/red.
Lots of ribbons for newer machines.
Lots of printwheels for Brother, Swintec, IBM, Smith-Corona and who knows what else.

profc-printwheel_1 profc-ribbons_1 profc-ribbons_2 profc-ribbons_3 profc-ribbons_4
Prices on stickers do not apply. He’ll take offers on anything. He does intend to refurbish the baby Selectrics (they need new foam and some more cleaning up).

profc-swintec3500 profc-swintec7000 profc-xerox6020

Machines are located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. You can email him at professorc30 (at) yahoo (dot) com if you are interested.

Updated: June 7, 2014 — 7:41 pm

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