Month: November 2015

This Typecast Brought to You by the Letters: P-11-M

Kyle in NY’s Composer, Restored by ProfessorC Selectric Composer 88-Character Proportional Num Font Qty Name Size Style ———————————————————————————— 4022 AR-8-M 0 Aldine Roman 8 B Medium 4023 AR-8-I 0 Aldine Roman 8 B Italic 4055 AR-8-B 0 Aldine Roman 8 B Bold 4020 AR-10-M 1 Aldine Roman 10 Y Medium 4021 AR-10-I 0 Aldine Roman […]

The Green Hornet unlimbers!

Dr. Benway: You’d better help this friend of yours get off the yellow stuff. It’ll kill him. Bill Lee: How do I get him to kick? Dr. Benway: Kick? Bill Lee: H-How do I get him off it? Dr. Benway: Oh. Mix it with this. Gradually increase the percentage of black without telling your friend…  […]

Come on, ring those bells…

Drago’s margin bell is finally working 100% again (probably for the first time in decades, actually) – after examining every millimeter of the rather Rube Goldbergish margin bell system of my Underwood #5 and finding nothing specifically faulty. The problem in the end was probably one of design, as the flippy arm (#20 in illustration […]

On the Acoustics of Church Baptism Pools

1987’s version of No Laughing Matter: Nate Stiffler (drums), Ted Worthless (guitar, yeah that’s me), Scott Roman (vocal/synth), Rod Glaze (bass). From at least the late 1970’s, the church I was raised in had a very progressive view of youth ministry. That church community launched several bands over the decades, with NLM being just one. […]