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  1. Happy Typewriter Day Ted!
    I have wondered:wwhat would have happened to underwood:as:well. I always tthought:of:them asthe buick:or cadillac of typewriters

  2. Nice work writing on film there. Love it!
    You know, I have not had the chance as yet to write on even a desktop underwood for a length of time, let alone a portable.

  3. Happy Typewriter Day Ted. I know, I still haven’t got around to looking at those scans… but I WILL!

  4. What a neatly typed typecast, T-Day greetings Ted!

  5. I too have wondered what would have happened at and with Underwood had they not sold out to Olivetti. One thing though, both companies made nice snappy typewriters.
    Hope you had a nice typewriter day.

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