RFI: Ace Aceliner Stapler Request For Information

Are you a fan of staplers? More specifically, are you a fan of Ace Aceliners? You aren’t alone in your attraction to this long-lasting, very popular model that was first offered in 1941 and that is *still* being sold by Ace Fastener. While casual examination of any model made in the past 60+ years might suggest that very few changes were made in the design, very careful examination will show quite a few subtle and not-so-subtle changes made as the model was updated. My friend Frank Parsons, author of definitive books on Hotchkiss and Neva-Clog fasteners, has turned his research attention to the Ace Fastener Company and its very popular models.

My own 1961-ish Aceliner!

Frank’s initial research has already turned up some very interesting information, including (potentially – he needs more examples to be sure) a datecode on some models (including the Aceliner) which possibly gives the Month and Year of manufacture. So – what he needs is for his research is for YOU to take a look at your Aceliners (or any you have access to) and email him the answers to the following questions to “frankparsons (at) verizon (dot) net“:

  1. Handle Color (Brown, Red, Green, Black, Grey, White or Beige)
    [photo shows Beige, Grey and Brown examples]
  2. Handle Shape (round or scalloped)
  3. Date Code (NA if none – Non-datecoded examples are 1941-1961)
    [there are small push-buttons, one on each side of the stapler just below the handle – push these in to unlock the top of the stapler and pull up to reveal the datecode on the right side of the front of the stapler]
    Theory on Interpreting the code: “389” = March, 1989 – “287” = Feb, 1987
  4. Bottom (Split vs. Solid) [see photo]
  5. Puzzle or Plain Front [see Photo, open top of stapler to get better view]
  6. Foot Pattern (Horizontal or Diamond)
  7. Visual Staple Indicator (Yes or No)
  8. Number of Patents listed on bottom.
  9. Removable Feed (can the feed rod be taken fully out or does it pull out to the end and then swing up)
  10. OPTIONAL: weight of stapler without any staples (empty)
  11. Staple Type listed on bottom of stapler (2025 or 20253)

Please send in your responses as soon as you can – research is ongoing. Thank you!

Updated: March 11, 2021 — 7:04 pm


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  1. First of all, many many thanks to Ted for this. Secondly, this research is ongoing. After almost a month I’ve received a number of responses from this post but if you’re reading this weeks or months later you can STILL RESPOND! Trust me, it is super appreciated!

    1. Frank
      Here are data on my Aceliner: 1. green, 2 NA, 3 spliy, 4 puzzle, 5 horizontal, 6 no, 7 2025

      Point of interest: I acquired this little jewel at at flea marketl a couple months ago. It was in a plastic bin with a bunch of staple guns, staples, and tin snips. I paid $9 for the bunch (about 25-30 lb). BTW the stapler is in perfect working condition.


      1. Lou,
        Can you recheck the front of your Aceliner and confirm it has a “puzzle” front. If so, yours seems to differ from others in the same time period.

        And that is a great story! I find tons of great stuff at local flea markets. I love hearing others success stories!

    2. Good evening Frank,

      Hope the following information may be of use, Re my Aceliner 502

      Handle color is green and rounded.
      Has no date code.
      The bottom is split.
      Has plain front.
      Foot pattern is horizontal(Black)
      Weight is 522g or 1 lb 2.25ozs.

      This stapler very hard to find in the UK, this particular example is boxed and in fantastic condition.

      Kind regards

      2025 staples
      No visual staple indicator.
      3 patents + others pending.
      Fixed feed rod.

  2. Frank: I’m sending my stapler’s info to the email provided in your piece. Thanks for your site and the invaluable info you provide!

  3. Hello,
    I have and Ace Liner model 502 with a date stamp of 364. Can you tell me where I might go to find Staples for it? Sure would like to be able to use it.

    1. It takes regular staples, so Staples? (:

  4. I caught the ACe stapler bug this past year.

    Mostly for the Aceliner 502 but more recently for the smaller Cadet 302.


    1. Wow, you’ve got a whole brace of Aceliners, I see (:

  5. My Aceliner 502
    1. Brown
    2. Round
    3. NA
    4. Split
    5. Plain Front
    6. Horizontal
    7. No
    8. 4
    9. Non removable feed
    10. 1 lb. 3.2 oz.
    11. 2025

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