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  1. Nice typewriters. I’ve yet to add one of those Silver-Seiko typewriters to the collection. I doubt anyone can make the tribulation come, but some may try to really cause trouble, chaos, and mayhem.

  2. It was another fun-filled vlogcast.

    I like your 3-Camera setup. For me to do that means getting another couple of pricey dongles, or several USB webcams. I think I’ll stick with my current rig for a while. My iPhone worked well, provided I stayed within WiFi range.

    I watched the conservative Christians in America get co-opted by the Republican Party in the 1980s, by the promise of ending abortion. You can’t serve God and mammon both, gotta choose. That was the error of Judas Escariot: he was expecting Christ to bring a political revolution to overthrow the Romans, and ended up missing the entire purpose.

    1. I’m using a pair of old Andriod phones with “IP Webcam” installed for cameras 2 & 3 – You can download versions of the software as APK files for Android versions all the way back to v4, so it can work on very old phones.

  3. Kind Sir, I am looking for a Hermes Ambassador repair manual. I figured that there was one out there that you would know of it. I own a 1953 Ambassador.

  4. First rule of Typewriter Club: Talk about Typewriter Club

  5. While I do appreciate the rare and antique typewriters, my collection direction is heading towards the 60s thru 80s common and reliable machines. They’re affordable and easy to repair and the platens are usually still nice. Though it’s too soon to say, the manual Brother portables may just be my favorite typewriters of all time, even if they’re a little noisy. I’m betting the JP-1 is one of your top 5 too, and I look forward to knowing what all your other favorite portables are.

    1. yep, you might recognize the Webster XL-747 shown above as yet another JP-1 variant. (:

  6. What a neat ides, a virtual type-in :)

    There’s a lot in favor of those ‘mundane’ machines. The reason a type is plentiful (and cheap today), may well be that it was a very good typewriter in its day. Even though I’ve got my ‘grail’ machines, the Speedline is brilliant, the ICO is sublime, I find myself most often using the Remington Portable 2 Much to be said for common machines :-)

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