Stapler of the Week: 1939 TOT SF Speed Fastener and 60 years of Hot TOTs

The TOT Speed Fastener is of stamped steel construction with Bakelite base and topper.

Size comparison of the Model 3, TOT SF and TOT 50.

Yet another $2 Goodwill find, the TOT Speed Fastener (middle) was the contemporary little brother of the Parrot Speed Fastener Model 3 (back) and the forerunner of the incredibly common Swingline TOT 50 (front). If you love your old TOT 50 and you’re looking for a good, attractive art deco desk stapler that will take the TOT 50 staples, the TOT SF is the answer to your desires. Theoretically, the TOT Speed Fastener takes the no longer made “TOT SF”, staples, but these were probably identical to the newer “TOT 50” (AKA #10) staples, because #10’s will feed fine in an SF. They are very commonly available even now, so have no fear of not being able to easily feed your SF.

Push the lever on the bottom of the stapler to open it up for tacking use.

Pull forward the lever on the side to open the magazine to load staples.

Opened for staple loading. The TOT SF will take 2 of the short strips that #10 TOT 50 staples come in.

Would you like to know more about the Swingline TOT 50 stapler? The American Stationer has you covered!

Updated: April 11, 2024 — 12:23 pm


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  1. Really nifty!
    By the way, I got a vintage box of staples for my little Presto, and it works well.

    1. Excellent! Probably looks pretty good on your desk too (:

  2. That is one sharp Tot! I love the brown marble base and plunger.

    1. Inorite? It totally matches my bar and ashtray :D

  3. Ohhh hello you beautiful thing!

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