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  1. I find this fastenerating!

  2. Staplers were and are as much of an office fixture as a typewriter. Oh, I forget only us Typosphereians (and my sister) keep a typewriter in our office.

  3. Here’s another site worth linking to, created by the late Mark Frankena:


    1. Well, I’ll be getting to him when I get to my Parrot & Swingline Model 3’s. Curtis Scaglione’s site has some useful info too. I expect more will turn up, as it often does when one starts shaking the trees. I’m calling this journey a sort of overdue vacation of opportunity – got about a dozen more machines to tell the story with, and gotta draw in the audience slowly with delightful little revelations. (:

  4. I’ve developed, as a side effect of my Typewriter collecting (and probably equally a result of just my love of the space-age (AKA the 60’s) that I’m fond of office junk including.. yep, staplers. Have 2 50’s Swingline’s that look like they have been through war, but I love em.

    Then, one odd one – one of those stapeless staplers! Kind of love it, but never have a good chance to use it.

    Maybe one day…

    1. Ooh, yeah – I’ve got a Chadwick Staple-less fastener coming soon, gifted by another collector, which I’ll be showing off soon. So many interesting ways to stick papers together! We’ll be exploring as many as possible over the coming weeks. (:

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