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  1. Handsome, solid, no-nonsense stapler.
    The animation thingee is cool!

  2. Pretty cool machine. Are we going to see a stapler database soon?

  3. What type of Ace staples does this take?

    1. The Model 3 Swingline takes normal-sized staples.

      1. Hi, Im in the UK and have a similar stapler, do you happen to know what UK size the US staples are? the stapler belonged to my fatherinlaw over in Ireland and our daughter loves it, but ive run out of staples :(

  4. Thank you! I have several of these, they were my Grampa’s. I could not figure out how to open it for the life of me!

    1. The projecting tabs on the side slide forward to allow the upper part to hinge backward.

  5. First top loading stapler on the market, sold between 1937 and 1961. Yours was made between 1957 and 1961 as the brand on the bottom is “Swingline” and not “Speed Products Co”.

    1. I have one that says only “Speed” on the bottom, no Swingline. All black textured finish. Were these made before the Swingline ones?

  6. I have that same one. It belonged to my aunt. Brand is Speed Products Co. New York. What years were they?

  7. I have this very stapler; it is called Swingline Spapler 3. It was my father-in-laws and a treasured heirloom to me. Works amazingly well still. What year was it made?

  8. The little tab that holds the spring on the staple tensioner broke off. Can I get replacement parts?

  9. I’m no expert on stapler design, but I’m guessing that if these were made as far back as 1937, the design aesthetic is “streamline moderne.” Note the three parallel lines on the rubber top. A great example of lasting design.

  10. I have this SPEED model and can not get it open. I slide the small wings on the side forward and nothing happens. Any help you can suggest?

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