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  1. Nice pick-up, Ted! I often wonder if people buy these types of items as spares and then never wind up using them because their first ones don’t break down. Nifty recorder. Looks like you could use it to record Marilyn Monroe’s last interview.

    1. I wondered if it was a gift that just never got used. I thought it unique enough a find to merit snapping up for a fiver, although its battery arrangement (3 different kinds-9v, 1.5v and a button cell?) and lack of AC adapter will probably mean it’ll end up getting sold off eventually. I have cassette decks for actual recording purposes. (:

  2. The definition of “hand-held” has changed somewhat over time! Very nice find. :)

  3. Cool find, hope you get it to work.

  4. That’s just darn cool, no bones about it. My younger sister and I grew up playing with a reel-to-reel machine like this that was handed down from some relative. Hours of hilarity ensued when we recorded tape at the slower speed and then played back at the higher speed to instantly chimpmunk-ize our voices.

  5. Great find! I remember those old machines.

  6. That’s very cool. I see things like that from time to time but never end up buying them. Never in that fine a condition either.

  7. An ordinary working guy’s Nagra? Well rescued, it looks in mint condition. I had something similar, a Belkin with a twist knob instead of piano keys. Search as I might I can’t find it.

  8. I HAVE THIS ONE….Found it at a flea market about 2 months ago and it works so freakin beautifully!!!!. It was NOS!!! Never been touched…

    A few motor problems, not the belts though…the belts in this thing are actually tightly wound metal threads that look like a spring that was shaped to act as a belts and they are indestructible

    Good shape…orig box and accessories. Mic still in the factory raveled shape and wired so it has never been unraveled…also came with several optional wires…some even with alligator clips for connecting this to devices that used a different style plug connector..

    I cant believe the engineering and craftsmanship of this…even the cardboard box it came in acts as a carrying case..felt lined and no expenses spared it seems. The quality of aesthetics of this thing are mind-blowing!!!!

  9. The reason that companies are going cheap is because the sheer multitude of manufacturers producing the same thing….they need to drive the price down to be able to sell and the product is always affected.

    People like me would opt to spend more on something that is “luxorious” and will perform phenomenally, than a budget item that doesn’t even weigh enough to notice that we are handling it…

    I wish the detail and utter beauty of products were still around…I would pay for them…

    sorry just had to vent!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi
    My father bought one in us in 1964. He brought it back to France, I have the custom receipt.
    It is still in operating conditions.
    Thank for scanning the notice.
    Olivier from Provence, France

  11. Does anyone know anything about the input/output jacks on these things? What are they and how can I find an adapter? A 3.5mm jack is too big. A 2.5mm jack is too small. It’s somewhere in between, and the ring is a little non-standard. Obviously proprietary at the time, but such a pain now. I’m hoping to not have to alter the cord from the mic as an adapter, but that’s looking likely. Any ideas welcome.

  12. I should note thickness, not length being the problem. The jack is essentially the same length as a standard 3.5mm jack, just thinner.

  13. Hey folks, does anyone know what kind of microphone this is? Looks like it uses a TS jack but my mrdern day TS cables dont work. The mic that came w. my recorder doesnt work so im looking fo tips on what to get to replace it. thanks!

  14. I just got one brand new in the box

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