Stapler of the Week: 1962 Swingline 333

I’ve been lusting after a Swingline 333 ever since I saw one on MOLG’s “Stapler Fetish” page, and finally found one at Deseret for a Buck! :D

Mine is a light brown finished model 333, not quite the black enamel and woodgrain-top model that is much more highly desired, but what the heck – would you look at those sleek Jetsonian lines?

Like most modern Swingline staplers, it simply pulls open for tacking purposes.

Patent No. US 192.544, applied for in 1961, granted April 3, 1962 to designers Robert H. Crowle of Mount Prospect, William G. Crowle of Deerfield and Charles E. Jones of Evanston, Illinois. 

The American Stationer has dug into researching the history of the Swingline 333, recommended reading! :D

Two-position anvil, slide it forward for making normal staples, and slide it back for making exterfold staples. The Swingline 333 takes regular Swingline-style staples, so there’s no problem finding staples to feed it. Metal base with good rubber feet and plastic top shell with chromed plastic front shell.

Loading Staples into Swingline 333 Stapler:

The Swingline Model 333 loads staples in exactly the same way that most Swingline staplers do – you pull the upper anvil section up while holding the lower feed section. The sections are held together by simple friction. You then load a strip of staples and close the sections firmly until they snap together. You’ll probably end up feeding a staple when doing this, so keep your fingers away from the business end! (:

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  1. A candidate for stapler of the year!

  2. She’s a beaut!

  3. Nice looking stapler. Kind of makes me want to start a stapler collection. Na, Mrs. M would really get upset.

    1. My entire stapler collection fits in a dresser drawer. she’d never notice :D

  4. Sweet! Now we need some slo-mo stapler video action on YouTube.

    1. Feh, I’m mad at YouTube. They keep moving goal posts, as you probably know. they’re making it a lot harder for a niche videomaker to get his lunch money. :P

  5. timothy m. morrison

    I’ve got one of the black ones…oh,yeah baby!!! I’m in stapler heaven!!

  6. can someone explain how to load new staples in the 333 swingline stapler as picture on this site.

    1. I’ve added a section to the above article showing how to open the Swingline 333 and loading staples.

  7. I just picked up the same one today! Very nice! $1.50!!!

  8. Is the plastic on them bakelite? Really want one but worried about bakelite because asbestos

  9. I don’t suppose you can tell me how to get the top (upper anvil section) AND the lower staple holder section to raise up hinged from the base so I can get at a jammed staple????

  10. The zip code stamped into the chrome part of the stapler designates it as a post 1964 model. 1963 models had zip code of “1” stamped into the chrome. Also, 1963’s only had 2 patent numbers molded into the base “and others pend.” instead of a 3rd patent number. Hope this helps!

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