Typewriters Under Glass…

Nifty! I found a place to display the typewriters from my collection which are not in my current typing rotation at home. The 9 machines that I was keeping stored at the office are now on display in the reception area. From top left to bottom right they are: “Blair” (Olympia Socialite), “Indy” (Tower Skyriter), “Holly Golightly” (Olivetti Lettera 32), “Little Jake” (Remington-Rand Remy Scout), “Nick Charles” (Empire Aristocrat), “Zip Martin” (Remington Ten-Fourty), “Ellery” (Hermes 2000), “Joanie” (Hermes 3000) and “Einstein” (Smith-Corona Silent).

Nine of the missus' and I's 14 Typewriters

Updated: February 27, 2011 — 8:33 pm

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