Mail Call: A Letter From a Type Pal, and another Thriftin’ Haul

I went and hit the Deseret before the end of the day today, and on the way back, found a letter from Gunier K in the mailbox! Correspondent Gunier has had excellent response from joining Type Pals for his Type Pal needs. He’s collected a nice lil’ stack o letters so far, but soon he’ll need a filing system. It gets out of hand quick if you aren’t organized. My Deseret haul? DVD of “Sky Captain“, PC-CD editions of Star Wars “Knights of the Old Republic” and “Empire at War” for my XP machines. Always nice to find CD-ROM games that don’t need an online connection to install or run. Also, a 100-stack of my favorite Sony Inkjet Printable DVD+R’s, and about 40 blank CD-R’s for a total of $4! :D
Also, here we are almost 20 days into the Dana’s first charge with the AlphaAverage battery. Still going very strong, with the battery indicator showing just a sliver of emptiness, which it has for a few days. Apparently the charge dropoff is not especially sudden. We’ll see. Can I get a month of daily usage out of this test? Lordy, that would be AMAZING! Currently in the earholes:

Updated: May 28, 2024 — 7:47 pm


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  1. Good to know my letter got to you OK! Hope you like that wheat penny I sent along! Indeed, I have no clue what to do with all these letters! Before this, I had them all pinned to my wall with a thumbtack, but that’s hardly working anymore.
    Also, I didn’t know you liked video games! What’s your favorite?

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