The Incognito Life

Weapon Of Choice: “Thunderbird 2” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #B8860433 I found this nice leather satchel during a thrift run the other day, $5. Finally something to replace the nasty plastic case these awesome 440T’s come in. :D.

New Age List for Aztec Typewriters!

Weapon of Choice: “Indy”, 1959 Tower Chieftain III #3YT167056 1960 Aztec (Groma) 800 = Groma Combina 1962 Aztec (Erika) 800 = Metal Shell Erika 20 1960-62 Aztec (Erika) 700 = Metal Shell Erika 10 1960-61 Aztec (Rheinmetall) 600 = Rheinmetall KsT 1963-65 Aztec (Erika) 15 = Plastic Shell Erika 15 1963-65 Aztec (Erika) 14 = […]

Automatical Justified Typin’ from an NTS WP-10c

Weapon of Choice: 1990 NTS WP-10c SlabTop Word Processor Weapon of Choice: 198x Royal (Nakajima) Alpha 2015 #42320862 ProTip: Peel off that WP-10 sticker and it uncovers the Citizen 10WP that’s actually silkscreened onto the shell. Weapon of Choice: 198x Olivetti 900X #85330822198x Surprise! Looks like the WP-2 also has the option 32k SRAM installed, […]

Rest In Peace, Number Six

Number Six, not yet sure she wants us to touch her, but still very curious about the turtle. The very first time she let me pet her, and we became fast friends. She spent lots of time snuggled in my lap while I was at my desk. She also popped up from time to time […]

June, 1981 – Portable Typewriter Distribution in the United States (and the end that was soon coming)

“Portable Typewriter Distribution in the United States.” June 1981 Report prepared for Ing. C. Olivetti SpA by market research firm “INPUT” Part 1: Part 2: I dug this report up on the Internet Archive awhile ago because it is a market report compiled for Olivetti in early 1981 detailing the current state of […]

Adjusting Ring & Cylinder on a Brother JP-1

Weapon of Choice: 1978 Brother Charger 11 #K83712885 Typewriter Club LIVE: 2022-01-23 Time to make some notes in your JP-1 Repair Bible. You make notes in your Bible, right? The following pages are from the Silver-Seiko 700 Series Repair Bible, and they have a clearer explanation of the process of Ring & Cylinder/Platen Parallel and […]

On Typecaster’s Margins…

Weapon of Choice: “Cadwallader” 1963 Olympia SM7 #2335640 Weapon of Choice: “Adwoa” 1961 Swissa Junior #6102535 Weapon of Choice: 1971 Royal (Silver-Seiko) Sprite #NM 1113791 Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 4” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #C8899610 Weapon of Choice: 1925 Underwood Portable 3 Bank #147487

Smith-Corona Electric 5TE Typewriter Serial Numbers Updated!

Weapon of Choice: 1957 Tower Commander #5AT635929 The Previous 5TE Serial List: See: News timeline (mostly by: John Coleman, Peter Weil) New York Times, Atlanta Constitution – October 10, 1956 (announcement) October 21-28, 1956 (stores begin offering limited inventory) January 27, 1957 Brazeal Typewriter Co in Springfield, MO (has one at least for display) […]

Thank you, most sincerely…

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 3” 1966 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #D6216161 Background Typer (with newly started letter in it): “Thunderbird 4” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #C8899610 Yes, I’m still in love with my 440Ts :D New feet for Hermes HP2-58 and HP2-66, part of an order destined for a typewriter shop in Colorado. Doin’ […]

Electra Bearcat III Scanner user manual

Weapon of Choice: “Eugene”, 1970 Webster XL-747 #L0944386 I was typing a letter to Gregory during TCL this week, but he’s not getting it, at least not the physical manifestation thereof, ’till I see his next volley. Instead it does double-duty as an OTP submission… TCL – Sep 12, 2021: My 1979 Ace Scout (2b) […]

Monster Scouts Field Typewriter Mark 1 With Tripod

Weapon of Choice: “Nick Charles” 1956 Empire Aristocrat #S2/268670 Redubbed: “Monster Scouts Field Typewriter Mark 1 With Tripod” Previously known as the Empire Aristocrat Tripod Field Typewriter. Tripod Mount project Part 1 – Part 2 Be sure to tape off the buttons! (: Cleaning the machine with white gas (Coleman Fuel), then blow it out, […]