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  1. That was fun, sorry I couldn’t make it this time. I really liked your Lo-Fi thermal printing camera reporter’s outfit, perfect for the occasion.

    1. I took the lightweight kit – 1 typewriter in a briefcase with paper, thermal camera and zippercase with scissors, glue stick and selected stamps. Photography, paste-up and writing right there on the spot. Add in selected chops from the afterparty table scraps, and ya got a report! (:

  2. It seems I was only there in spectral form… you can just see my ghostly form sliding out of frame in one shot. I was feeling a bit camera shy, but it was great to see you and Bill and to talk to the other Brian about typewriter image algorithms. Mad props to Jeremiah for putting this thing together!

    1. I did give your ghost the “Attention” arrow, so you wouldn’t be totally missed. :D

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to a typewriter meet & greet, but there’s never any in my area. One of the largest downsides to living in a small town; Nothing ever happens around here! At least I get to read your report of the event, & It sounds like quite the shindig!

    1. Fastest way to make a Type-In happen is to make one happen :D

  4. Looks like you had fun both typing and putting the thermal camera to use.

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