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  1. I think it’s funny that a British government office would have an American-made typewriter! It should’ve been an Imperial something, eh?

    As for the gold-plated QDL, AI can’t yet render typewriters worth a darn without having the rows of keys all irregular and random-looking.

    1. Well, portable typebar electrics were the hotness in the early 60’s, and I don’t think Imperial made one. SCM had that market to itself until later in the 60’s.

  2. I think Bond should have a customized, gadget-heavy, potentially lethal typewriter. Here are some suggestions from Midjourney:
    Typewriter no. 1

    Typewriter no. 2

    1. Definitely dig No.2. (Should I call it SPECTRE No. 2? Or do I have to wait till the “Thunderball” business meeting for that?)

  3. I figured you were a fan of typewriters, But I would have never guessed firearms! You must have a very keen eye if your able to find out the makes & models with such low-quality pictures!

    1. I wouldn’t say a “fan”, because they are very serious tools and it is dangerous to become enamored of the mystique. That often leads to misuse, in my experience & observation. But I know more about them than I really need to and spent way too much time and risk learning it. Heck, even my blog is named after a classic tactical pistol combat training manual by Col Jeff Cooper. (:

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