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  1. Ooh, looking forward to the package!

  2. This whole experiment is really fascinating, at least to an outsider like me!
    I assume you’ll just be sending audio on the tapes? Believe it or not, the lowly cassette tape is quite the versatile medium. Not only can you encode pictures on a cassette tape, using Slow-Scan Television encoding, but you can actually record full-motion video on a cassette tape! I did this myself, here:
    Granted, it looks like trash. But it’s a cassette tape; What did you expect?

    1. Fascinating, but I try to tailor media for efficiency (IE: not take 5 years) and suitability for the recipient’s hardware capabilities. I doubt Joe would appreciate TRS-80 cassette saves, though Mitch might. Joe likes lofi video – he plays with low-res analog TV on occasion.

      In any case, our common hardware denominator is our Marantz tape decks, vintage field recorder love is what it seems to be about. (:

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