The Case of the Disappearing Ebay Listings, or how to Wrangle Ebay EPN API Feeds

Weapon of Choice: “Joanie”, 1964 Hermes 3000

The current PHP API Feed display ads. Pretty, but a bit flakey lately.

You also need to add some request variables to the Javascript call to Ebay’s servers. Attach the above to your call to toggle the return of the SuperSize image url and to tell Ebay to send Rover links that actually credit you for clicks and purchases. The default URLs sent are bare direct Ebay links that won’t credit you, and Ebay doesn’t tell you that you have to add these variables to the request to ensure you get your vig. Consider yourself told. (:

Whoops, yep something’s wrong with those click and impression numbers! Turns out that Ebay’s API servers have been spotty the past few days for cURL requests, but for some reason the Javascript calls still work fine. :P

Epsilon: now with Mobile-friendly, SSL-safe Ebay display ads! :D

Updated: August 19, 2018 — 3:13 pm


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    1. That’s unfortunate, because as a client-side API, it would be trivial to install in your web pages. It’s the server-side API that’s difficult to implement and recently problematic.

  1. Wouldn’t Jython (Java Python) be able to do what you want? I’ve used to call Java functions without actually writing Java and then I also did some PHP and XML work arounds, but it’s been about 2 years and I forget the details. Ebay seems to be flakey in many ways over the past several months.

  2. Hi! Not really on this topic although it does pertain to eBay.
    I’ve seen an Olympia typewriter on there, and it has a character above the “3” key which has me puzzled. It’s just three letters, shs. It’s a QWERTY keyboard, with no other peculiarities.
    Does anyone know what this is for, please?
    Thank you in advance for your help!

  3. This coding may be easy for you, but for us mere mortals this is another reason why we call you Reverend! Looking forward to working with the Epsilon. version. Well done.

  4. Reverend, you are doing good work so that we may enjoy the fruit of your labors in Epsilon. Thank you. I had a similar problem recently with server-side Analytics code that just up and died. I was way outta my depth, but I slowly got it fixed after much hand-wringing. What you’ve done here is very nice and well-documented.

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