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  1. Uh, I don’t think I meet the residency requirement!

    What you describe is not a sign of a healthy political environment.

    1. Yeah, I suspect it means that my party has been absorbed by one or both of the main parties. It was bound to happen – I’ve been expecting a big sellout since the state party incorporated as an LLC in the early oughts. At least I live in a state where I can vote for whoever I want in the general, and am not weirdly restricted to vote a party line. :P

  2. I grew tired of party politics soon after I registered to vote and found I had to vote for The Party in primary elections. Sounds like commies to me. Nuff said. We need more than a 2 party system that works. What ever happened to We the People of the United States?

  3. I think the universe is telling you to run for public office.

    1. The world would be wrong :D

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