Typewriters stored with half-finished thoughts

In this edition of “Is This Weird or Totally Normal?” we present an example of “Typewriter Stored with half-finished Typecast”, a common sighting at the ranch. The volume of unpublished half-finished typecasts is large, and just last week I moved a mountain of such typed pages out of a rubber tub and into a filing cabinet – although with no particular care about the order in which they were filed. I feel like someday I’ll go through it all with a pair of scissors and a gluestick and make some kind of “Naked Lunch” style cut-up Magnum Opus manuscript out of these semiotic ghosts.

Also, this post serves as a test of the new Facebook Auto-Poster I’m trying out. Trying to do better at Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is. :D

Updated: August 11, 2018 — 9:49 am


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  1. Good to see I’m not the only Typospherian with typecasts in various stages stored with typewriters. I also have a file with partial ones and a big long list of what to post. Now to get some time to do all the things that need done.

    I really like when I get typewriters with half finished documents in them and sometimes finished letters that were never mailed.

  2. There is a beauty in this … makes me want to start some typing on every machine in my collection and leave the unfinished typescripts there.

  3. Yes! I found I did that too with poetry, some machines I’d interrupted, I closed the case and find it later at some further remote time.

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