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  1. Well done, Sherlock!

  2. No idea what an OMEF is, but I’m glad that it came in handy.

    Special thanks for the “time to make the donuts” reference — I’d totally forgotten about those commercials. (It’s hard to believe that almost four decades have passed since then.)

  3. The depth of your knowledge is impressive!!!

  4. Cograts! And thanks again for all the work you do the the TWDB. Fantastic job!

  5. Impressive detective-work!

    Related to documents in the TWDB’s library, Archive.org has a copy of A Treatise on Ornamental Typewriting (1938) by Flanagan. I think it makes a lovely complement to Artyping (1939) by Nelson and could go under the typographical resources section of the TWDB library: https://archive.org/details/ATreatiseOnOrnamentalTypewriting .

    (Sorry if there’s a better place to put this on-site at the TWDB! I’m still quite new to navigating the Typewriter Hunters sections of the site.)

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