That feeling you get after sealing a letter…

One of the pair of free inkjet printers I got last month. This one has a busted feed mechanism, but works fine if you feed stuff in one at a time by hand, carefully. That’ll do, though. It’s sort of like craftsmanship to have to work at making something. :D My Correspondence Media & Experience Crafting Machine:
2007 HP/Compaq 6715b
2.2 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-64
4gb DDR2 SDRAM, 120gb SSD, 1680×1050 15.4″ WXGA screen
ATI Radeon X1250
OS: Windows XP Awesome 3.0A new handful of fresh, color #10 Regulars for the Correspondence gristmill!

Updated: August 2, 2022 — 11:34 pm


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  1. You have certainly upped your correspondence game!

  2. Ooooh, ooooh! Behind the scenes. I like how an inkjet printer required craftsmanship to work.

    Low-end laser printers are very picky on the paper you feed them. It’s a huge bummer, as I like to print on a wide variety of papers. Plus, ours is black & white, limiting one’s artistic choices.

    1. I dunno, as you know, my first few letterhead design attempts were done on an old laser printer. Did not try running envelopes through that, though. I use that printer for business stuff, so don’t want to risk wrecking it. Free inkjet printers that other people threw away though? Them’s fair game for experiments. (:

  3. Funny how e.t.s spells the end of inkjets when it was inkjets (n lasers) spelled the end of e.t.s! Good to see your open to all kinds of print tech!

  4. Happiness is receiving a “letter experience” in the mail from the Right Reverend Theodore Munk!

    1. Bill-mail is great too! Big influence on my letterhead design. :D

  5. That topic is on point for me, as I have been thinking of getting some kind of image or photo printer to add images to my letter and print some images on the paper I will type on.

    The other thing that I am (almost) obsessing about is to get rubber stamps that are meaningful and utilitarian. That will be something I’ll look into.

    1. I recommend getting the cheapest inkjet you can buy or just picking one out at a thrift store (every thrift in the world has an assortment of a half-dozen abandoned printers) but as much as it hurts to pay $40 for a set of ink cartridges, get one that has the electronic print heads embedded in the ink cartridges, not one that has the separate, internal electronic print heads. Consider the printer to be a consumable anyway – you *will* end up breaking some delicate internal feed part trying to feed something weird and creative into it. Those built-in print heads always clog, so you want to be able to pull the cartridges out and drop them into a cheap replacement. Since you will be crafting Correspondence, not printing out “cat lost” posters, the cartridges will last long enough between replacement.

      I also use inkjet basic gloss photo paper for the snapshots of the Weapon of Choice. There’s stacks of that stuff at thrifts too. In fact, I’m pondering experimenting with a 75 cent box of Xerox inkjet transparencies (#3r5168) as letterhead. I am very curious if I can type on that special coated surface legibly. :D

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