Correspondence Two: Extreme Edition, and This Week’s Thriftin’ Report

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 3” 1966 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #D6216161 This correspondence Response is gonna be a doozy! A lack was expressed, and so I responded by time traveling back to the best years of Windows XP and the tech and happenings of the 00’s to craft a one-of-a-kind EXPERIENCE, with hand-selected and emotionally sensitive PERSONAL MOMENTS that an eclectic audiophile like my recipient will appreciate. I’ve even already sent the recipient on a QUEST to obtain an important KEY with which to unlock the correspondences’ BONUS CONTENT. Whew! Hours in the making, possibly weeks worth of content to explore…

Updated: July 1, 2022 — 5:50 pm


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  1. Rich pickings! I would’ve had the Ultrasonic …

    1. at $99, with no spare ribbons? Your dedication is admirable :D

    2. I’m a big fan of the Ultrasonics, but hold out for a III, which offers 10, 12, and 15 pitch. The II offers 10 and 12, while the I only offers 10. Supplies and accessories are rare. And be prepared to replace the handle to the case, which is almost always missing. They’re SUPER heavy!

  2. The end of this post has me wondering if you came across an interesting collection while you were at DI… :)

    1. of talkies? nah. Just a couple that I’ve picked up over time.

  3. Man, you really packed a lot into one post Ted. The packaging for the “3D Video Amplifier” takes the cake for me personally. The look of shock and horror on the faces of the pictured couple is priceless. Good stuff.

    1. I will admit that it factored into my decision (:

  4. Those fresnel lenses are fun in the bright sun for burning weeds and other things. Just be careful!

  5. All neat finds!
    Breaker, Breaker, 10-4. Time for a 10-100.
    Believe I have a few old remnants of the CB age in the garage somewhere. Probably a whopping 23 channels also. County Mounty coming at you, be careful if your in LA (State, Not California) the mounty could be Steven Seagal.

    1. Yuh, my dad’s first rig was some 3-channel dealy where you had to buy and insert tuned crystals into the 3 sockets on the radio’s circuit board to determine which 3 channels you could tune in. Def. prior to the 48 channel smorgasbord days. :D

  6. Bill, I have the film “CB Radio” on VHS! It’s a hoot!

  7. Oh, I’m so curious! Eek! The “key” arrived a few days after I received your suggestion.

    1. Oh, so you’re home from your Vacay then? I’ll get this sucker in the mail then! (:

      1. You’re too kind, sir! Looking forward to it. Sounds like it will keep me busy for a while. :D

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