First Power Outage of The Summer & More Correspondence Binders and Organizers!

Weapon of Choice: 1962 Groma Kolibri N #N43143

Hit the “Play” button below for the last couple of exciting minutes before the power came back on. Listen while reading, please. (:

Radio Shack #20-527 fer Nine Bucks? Yep! :D While this is not the big Avery binder mentioned below, it is also an Avery. It’s a “PowerCase(TM) by K&M from Avery(R)” and I estimate its vintage to be around 1989-92 based on the laptop computer shown on the linked splash sheet and the fact that the binder only has slots for 3.5″ floppies, and no CDs. No pointing device on a white wide-bezel laptop means pre-Windows, probably in the 286/386 era. I’m calling this binder “Correspondence Zero” because it’s where I’ll be storing unanswered correspondence along with the kit for answerin’ ’em! (: Even a sleeve for carbons and copy sheets! Space and sleeves for current correspondence. None right now – all caught up! Space for a small stack of my famous #10 Envelopes and also a stack of the old greeting card sized ones from 1997. Also a pocket for a fresh case of Executive Ko-Rec-Type, my preferred correction solution. Supply of the current Episodes on Mini-CD. You’d know, were you a lucky Correspondent. (:

Updated: June 26, 2022 — 10:56 pm


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  1. Excellent slice-o-life, Ted. The intro was perfectly timed.

  2. This was fun!

  3. Very exciting weather! Thanks for the Executive Ko-Rec-Type correction film tip. I found some vintage strips on eBay and ordered them. Included in the order are some Carter’s X-PERT correction strips. I hope their age doesn’t affect performance.

    1. In my experience, they always work, unless in very bad condition. These Executive ones I got in a fresh, plastic-wrapped NOS display box with like a dozen of them packed inside. These are silky and delightfully fresh, even if they’re like 30-40 years old. I recommend finding NOS still in plastic, if you can find it. (:

  4. Oh, I can only imagine the heat stress of a power outage where you live. We’ve not had one since leaving FL. Seems every hurricane brings a few.
    Those Executive Ko-Rec-Type tabs are my favorite. The only ones I am able to find for white, canary (buff), and I even have one pack for grey paper. The LED brief case is a great idea.

  5. Pretty good luck on the thrift stores. We have a weather radio from Radio Shack, invaluable during summers!

    My problem with binders is they occupy too much space on the shelf and have a limited capacity. Still thinking this through but regular file folders are my preference.

  6. With these images, audio, writing, you have transported us to your world: vintage, scribe, typewriters, storm, hunt for object to suit function, keys clacking… we can almost smell the old writing machine…

  7. My grandfather bought our first computer, a 286, as a kit, specifically so it would be a learning experience for us. It was. We upgraded that sucker several times, including the modem. The modem was especially important as I was a SysOp on a series of mildly successful BBS’s. Two of my favorite platforms were WildCat! and RoboBOARD. RoboBOARD was MIND blowing, but admittedly gimmicky.

    I’ve been tempted to get a police scanner, but I REALLY don’t need another hobby. Although I could make the argument that it’s for SAFETY.

    1. Ahh yes, Sysopin’ in the 90’s. I ran a single-line board called TSOF (True Sons of Freedom – yeah, I used to be a right-wing Libertarian) off of my TRS-80 4P back when that was my spare computer. I don’t remember what the BBS system was, prolly something in CP/M. I did play a lot of Tradewars 2000 back then :D

      1. Oh! That was a good one, along with LORD: Legend of the Red Dragon. You know, Wikipedia has an excellent list of BBS software, organized by operating system. It might jog your memory.

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