Got some new printed typewriter repair manuals ready fer ya!

The Lulu store is back again, which allows me to offer a bit better pricing on printed books and much better shipping rates outside the USA than Bookpatch was able to do, still professionally printed and coil bound to lay flat on your work table.

This also allows me to introduce some new books in print that Bookpatch wasn’t able to do.

New bibles are now available, including Royal Sabre, Olivetti Lettera 32 & 44, Silver Seiko 700, and thanks to some translation and editing assistance by Lee Creighton, we’ve finished the Hermes 3000 Bible. Enjoy! (:

Updated: December 29, 2019 — 9:28 am


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  1. Thanks for your great work Ted.
    I just ordered the H3k manual as I saw it on Lulu when I went to the site to copy the link to email someone. I need to get the Letter 32 as I must have over looked it thinking I already had it.

  2. Great work, Ted!

  3. Great! Thanks for all of these. PDF download is very convenient, but I really like the printed books since I like to scribble in them and underline stuff.

    1. exactly the reason this series exists, really. The desire to have a manual that I can scribble my own notes into. :D

  4. Fabulous. You can take very justifiable pride in creating this library. I am about to order a couple of the new volumes.

  5. Any chance the SGE-30 manual might be PDF’d at some point? The printed versions are great (I have the 1970 Ames book), but it’s also nice to print off the pages I need for the issue I’m working on at a given time, and take them to my worktable.

    1. Oh weird. Dunno why that one wasn’t put up on Sellfy. Anyway, fixed now:

      1. Thanks! Downloaded a copy just now.

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