The Joys of Fresh Platen Rubber on Old Writing Iron

Weapon of Choice: “Richard The Deep Breather” 1925 Corona 4. Soft Left Margin happens when there’s too much play between the margin stops and the protrusion on the carriage that stops against them – ie: if you return the carriage and notice that there is either a lot of bounceback when returning softly or no bounceback at all if returning hard. It looks like this: Flip the machine over and loosen these two screws, then nudge the center stop one way or the other just enough to get rid of extra play and prevent the stop from overshooting a margin rack tooth. For post-1963 Adler segment-shift portables, but not the pre-1964 carriage-shifters. I save paper by typing on the back of Bible proof sheets :D

Updated: September 20, 2019 — 11:47 pm


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  1. Everett E Henderson Jr

    … “somewhere between honeysuckle and gasoline.” That is so true. Great write up. It is so true that new rubber really helps.

  2. New rubber on the platen is always like bringing the old machine back to new life as it left the factory. I need to get some of mine recovered. I received my H3k and Lettera 32 Bibles about 2 weeks ago. I really appreciate all teh work you put into the Bibles. I’m way behind in posting.

  3. I do breathe deeply when I receive a package from J.J. Short …. Your H3K Bible really is impressive and represents a great deal of devoted work. I’m delighted to have it on my shelf.

  4. Great write-up. Enjoy the big blue room and thank you for all you do for the typewriter community.

  5. Your Corona is a Modelo Negra!

  6. Inspired by your post about using heat shrink tubing to recover a H3K platen, I recently used layered heat shrink to replace a cracked and crusty platen and feed rollers on a Remington Portable #2. I am really pleased with the results and will be posting soon.

    1. Excellent! Looking forward to the post! (:

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