UJTU: The Many Platens and Worlds I’ve Enjoyed Lately

Weapon of Choice: 1957 Tower Commander. The Smith-Corona Floating Shift Typewriter Repair Bible. PDF

Typewriter Books on TWDB.

Weapon of Choice: “Einstein” 1956 Smith-Corona Silent.

What’s in the BOX??

A buncha new service manuals to scan!

Weapon of Choice: “Indy” 1959 Tower Chieftain III.

Weapon of Choice: “Little Jake” 1933 Monarch.

Hey, it’s been awhile since we checked in on Lef the Elf.

New costume from this past Summerfest, which also yielded Tiki-themed Dimension decorations. You know I was all over that. Slowed down my questing some, but I was just ambling along the leveling trail anyway. Now I’m level 41 and adventuring in Moonshade Highlands.

Since my goal is to take a leisurely stroll through the entire questline, I’ve been wandering back and forth between all the relevant quest areas for my level, so I’m slowly clearing all of the map of Telara. Once I hit the mid-50’s there’ll be 2 Continents and an island to quest in, and past 60, the whole ocean floor and an asteroid opens up for adventure. At the rate I’m going, I can stretch this into next year. Join me in Telara, if you dare!

Updated: October 2, 2019 — 10:02 pm


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  1. Fine work on the typewriter repair manuals. I look forward to seeing the new ones.

  2. Very entertaining. Art Gothic looks so good …

  3. The typeface of the Monarch really looks good.
    Hmm, must again have a look at re-covering a platen too. Last time was stumped at the question what Shore-value to get applied; do you know what durometer-value was used/is good for a new platen?

    1. from what I can gather, a Durometer reading of 90A is the sweet spot. 95 is probably ok, though. My understanding is that once you go below 87, you risk embossing.

  4. I am very grateful for your continuing work on the OOPRAP service manuals – I buy them as I need them and I will probably end up collecting all of them.

    Your typewriter pad problem is familiar to me. I experienced some weird typing behaviors with a Remington Portable #2 I’ve been working on that resolved with a set of good new feet. The feet keep the low belly from dragging on the table.

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