New PDF downloads in the Typewriter Database File Library for Typewriter Hunters!

New PDF downloads in the Typewriter Database File Library for Typewriter Hunters! Buncha new NOMDA Blue Books and some Olympia, Underwood and SCM dealer literature. Enjoy!

File area is here, after you’ve logged in with a Typewriter Hunter account:

Updated: December 8, 2020 — 7:14 pm


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  1. That is a great wealth of information and a very worthy resource! Thanks for all your work and sharing these.

  2. Yay! More Eighties NOMDA please! ;)

    1. 1984 is the latest I’ve seen. I know that NOMDA survived past 1986, since they put out a 60th Anniversary NOMDA History volume I have a copy of – rather optimistically titled “The Parade of Progress – NOMDA’s First 60 Years” that year, so they seemed to think they were still in business for the long haul. I’ll keep feelers out for more.

  3. Great stuff.

    I visited NOMDA headquarters in Kansas City in May 1994, just as I was becoming a serious collector. At the time, much of the Clark collection was on display there in what pretended to be a long-term exhibit, the National Office Equipment Historical Museum (as I believe it was called). I was the only visitor, and the museum disappeared before long. But it blew my mind.

    1. ahh, if only. Well, that means I can look for NOMDA Blue Books up into the 90’s then. I only hope they didn’t switch to publishing everything on microfilm like the manufacturers did with service manuals. /:

      Would have been nice to have a few months to bug NOMDA to get into their records archives and see what they had back then. One can only imagine the source materials they might have had squirreled away..

  4. Incredible! But where is the archive? I can’t find any Nomda pdf’s in the Typewriter Database File Library :(

    1. do you have access to the library? (requires Typewriter Hunter level access)

      1. Unfortunately I don’t(
        Munk, please tell me, how I can get the hunter level?

  5. Hello. I am already a typewriter hunter, but don’t know where I have to login to download material. Please, tell me how to do it. Thank you.
    User CristianARG

    1. I have added a screenshot of the menu to the end of this post.

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