The Adventures of Lef the Elf: Army of Gartyns

We started the Adventures of Lef the Elf way back in 2019, and back then we learned how to keep our first interactive NPC dimension denizen, Gartyn Hejme, forever – as long as we never click the blue check mark over his head and complete his quest. He has been our prisoner for a bit over a year now:
Today, however, we will let him out of jail and clone him. I first learned this was possible by visiting one or two dimensions that had 3 or 5 Gartyns in them – a feat that would either require them at some point to have not been “soulbound” (unlikely, it’s a quest item), or the item must somehow be vulnerable to being cloned in your player record. There had to be some point in the quest chain where you could restart the quest while still retaining the Amphora. This is difficult because abandoning a quest will also delete any quest items related to the quest that are in your possession (bags, bank, etc.), but it is in fact possible because the Amphora is a dimension item, and dimension inventory is treated differently than other inventory – it has it’s own database tables that the quest takeback mechanism probably doesn’t touch because the Amphora is the *only* dimension quest item.

Now, once I pondered that, I realized that the quest point where the cloning was potentially possible was at the point where you’ve dropped Gartyn’s Amphora into your dimension, and he’s standing there with that blue check mark over his head. He’s in therift Dimension inventory tables, and the quest is *not yet completed*. Luckily, that’s where Lef had left him, however, let’s start at the beginning…
Step 1) Get the quest “Placing Dimension Items” from:
If you’re Defiant, Zerelia Hejme is the Dimension Engineer located in the King’s Retreat area of the Freemarch zone. They are located at (6275, 4545).
If you’re Guardian, Toia Hejme is the Dimension Engineer located in the Argent Glade area of the Silverwood zone. They are located at (6120, 3215).
An item “Gartyn’s Amphora” will appear in your bag.
Step 2) Enter your dimension and drag-drop Gartyn’s Amphora somewhere convenient on the ground. Resist the urge to click on him. Just don’t do it, or this all ends here.
Step 3) Exit your dimension, then abandon the quest “Placing Dimension Items“. If you go back into your dimension at this point, you’ll notice that Gartyn has lost the blue checkmark, but he’s still there.
Step 4) GoTo Step 1, and repeat Steps 1 through 3 until you’ve got enough Gartyn Hejmes to satisfy your needs.
Our fellow Typospherian Key Snap joined up with Rift last year and now has a maxxed out Level 70 toon, while Lef here is still only Level 46. I get distracted by shiny objects, ya know. I did also convince Tori to come back to her Rift account and play with Dimensions. She recently completed this rather amazing Frank Loyd Wright “Falling Water” dimension:

Perhaps you’d like to join us in Rift for free? (it’s a free to play game) then click this link,
it sets up an “Ascend-a-Friend” relationship between us which does some in-game coin rewards that can be spent on costume items, pets and mounts. I might even send you some free bags and platinum! (:

Updated: July 27, 2021 — 5:51 pm


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  1. Rift has been a very pleasant distraction from all the chaos in our reality. Thanks for turning me on to the free goodness! I’ll make a point of visiting Tori’s Falling Water dimension tomorrow. It looks like a beautiful re-creation.

  2. The Fallingwater environment is pretty cool. I wonder what FLW would say!

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