7 Years, 777 Posts and the Hanx Effect

Ok, here’s something interesting that I’ll call “The HANX EFFECT“, and it happens when there’s a big interview with Tom Hanks talking about his typewriter collection in some nationally aired segment in the news. Sunday there were *two* big interviews with Hanx talking about his new book, but with a heavy emphasis on his typewriter collecting.

What’s the effect? well, I noticed it when checking the data on clicks on the Ebay ads on TWDB and saw that the clickthroughs had jumped from an average of about 300/day to over 800 on Monday. that’s a whole lotta people looking at typewriters for sale as the week began. So I went and took a look at the sessions count Sunday and yesterday (the count of people who looked at the site those days) and saw that the count had jumped from an average of a little under 1,500/day to over 2,000 yesterday.

I’m gonna call that a 25% increase in average typewriter interest and about a 120% increase in typewriter lust, and unless someone can argue otherwise, I’m attributing it to The HANX EFFECT.  

I’ll be tracking this over the coming week to see what the staying power is, IE: how much ends up being permanent interest and lust.

Updated: October 17, 2017 — 8:30 pm


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  1. As the popularity of typewriters grows so grow the prices. Seems whenever there are typewriters in the news watched items and bids increase on epay also.

    Congratulations on 777 +7!

  2. Dare I ask what happened in August?

    1. I dunno, dare you? it was a metaphysical creative wave crash – resulted in not a whole lot getting done – in fact, quite some backwards movement, 2 broken cars and some physical issues including a small surgery. might take weeks to even find the stick, let alone get back on. basically limping along on impulse power right now.. /:

  3. Sorry to hear about the warping in your cars, body, and the spacetime continuum …

  4. Yeah I saw Tom Hanks on Sunday Morning too.

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