New Age List for Aztec Typewriters!

Weapon of Choice: “Indy”, 1959 Tower Chieftain III #3YT167056

1960 Aztec (Groma) 800 = Groma Combina

1962 Aztec (Erika) 800 = Metal Shell Erika 20

1960-62 Aztec (Erika) 700 = Metal Shell Erika 10

1960-61 Aztec (Rheinmetall) 600 = Rheinmetall KsT

1963-65 Aztec (Erika) 15 = Plastic Shell Erika 15

1963-65 Aztec (Erika) 14 = Plastic Shell Erika 14

1960-62 Aztec (Erika) 500 = Metal Shell Erika 10(?)

Further Reading:

Nick Beland’s series on the Post-War Erikas

Will Davis’ findings on Aztec

Robert Messenger mentions Aztec as well here

Updated: April 30, 2022 — 9:11 pm


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  1. I cannot find any contact info for you anywhere at the moment so I’m just going to leave this here and hope you see it.

    TWBD does not have manufacturer entry for Nakajima (Zayre) or Zayre, making it impossible to catalouge Zayre’s Aeries 57 ultraportable typewriter. It is a Nakajima-ALL Topstar AT-3000 in a Zayre department store exclusive Grey color with of course Zayre branded emblems. Adding either of those manufacturers would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Zayre (Nakajima) added – thanks (:

      1. I hate to be a bother *again* but we also do not appear to have a Brand for Shanghai Weilv Mechanism Company (whew that’s a mouthful.) They make all the modern typers like the epoch and their ilk. We also do not have a Brand for
        Zhangjiagang Feiteng Typewriter Co., Ltd, who made the “Flying” line of typewriters, though they appear to now be defunct. Not common in the US and examples will no doubt be rare but they would be worth having on hand. (Especially since I have a flying fish 210)

        1. These are usually branded as something else like “Royal”, but I went ahead and added them anyway. Thanks! (:

  2. Need to change a cracked platen, How can i remove the shaft?
    on Rheinmetall 1955 KST,
    What is the trick?

    1. dunno, never had one. (:

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