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  1. Looks like a fun type-in. It is always good to see the children and how they take to a typewriter. We had a few children at ours yesterday. Those last 2 typewriter drawings are really nice.

  2. Ah, I miss those gatherings. But it was nice to see photos, and your play-by-play was excellent. I like that you gave away several machines.

  3. Great report – good to hear that the Royal and Underwood found happy homes. BTW – that laughy face in the 440T’s script typeface is excellent :D

    1. heh, yeah – I love it, such a cool, jaunty typeface! :D

      1. Yeah I love it too and so much more legible than my handwriting! Wonder if they put it on a daisy wheel ….

        1. far as I can tell, it was a Brother-only typeface – might try Brother typewheels, but I don’t recall the typewheels having this variation of script.

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