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  1. That SM-7 is a beast! Always a pleasure to see you at the local type-ins. :) I may have to bring a mic and laptop to the Phoenix Type-In for a one-off podcast…

    1. That would be an excellent idea! (:

  2. I agree with the ruggedness of the SM-7. I find them not to be the fastest to type on, but that unique SM-7 only sound, the almost nondestructive build, and the good looks of the machine to make them worth typing a bit slower on and enjoy.

    It is always good to see the younger generations interested in typewriters (an ham radio at radio events).

    You look stumped for something to type.

    1. oh, I think Brian and I were discussing the paint job and new labels he made for that Tippa. Very nicely done. (:

  3. Delightful to see you, Ted. Cameron, Jeremiah, Bill, always a pleasure. :) . I know what you mean about the abundance of riches in the Phoenix typewriter community. When I arrived here in 2017 (with the first in my collection, Hermes 3000), I never would have guessed that the typewriter scene would become my favorite thing about Phoenix. Y’all rock!

    Cameron – yes, do bring your podcasting gear!

  4. Good times … good deeds … and yes, the Austin gang is a lot of dynamic fun.

  5. It looks like you got a good crowd – the Phoenix typewriter community is so lively – and what a nice spread of typewriters.

  6. “Where three or more are gathered, there I am also.” Praise Typewriter Jesus! Preach it, Brother Munk!

  7. The SM7 is a rarity in these parts, you got lucky!

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