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  1. I’m feeling the fatigue of summer heat too. And gotta say I really enjoyed those old band clips you sent!

  2. Exploring Shonen Knife, I see! I hope you enjoy. (Or maybe you were already familiar?)

    This post captures what you must be feeling so well. I feel the ruthless sun beaming at me through your website. I hope you get at least a little relief soon.

    1. turns out I had “712” and “Let’s Knife” in my collection. (:

  3. It’s been a brutally hot summer here too. Perfect time to stay indoors, listen to music, and type!

  4. It’s super duper hot in Phoenix, which is why I’m in Colorado! Volunteering at a rally race with my dad at the moment. We’re running coms for several stages… Making notes when cars pass checkpoints (or don’t!) and coordinating there efforts of other volunteers and support staff. I’ll be back tonight night, when I’ll return to hiding under rocks to hide from the sun’s fury. Hang in there lil buckaroo, the monsoons are on their way!

    1. You are a smart, smart fellah (:

  5. This summer’s heat makes me happy I’m no longer on any fire crew or in the fire department. At least here we are only experiencing the 90sF,

  6. I’d be more than happy to send a letter your way, but I don’t have your double secret probation mailing address. ;)

    1. Are you a Type Pals member? (:

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