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  1. I’ve been all over HotRod Typewriter’s YouTube channel the last couple days because of an SM9 with a grinding carriage. I had to take the carriage off and he had a good video for that. Just watched the silencer spring video this morning and plan to watch the other ones in the series.

    1. He mentions in one of the videos how he learned typewriter repair from watching Duane’s Phoenix Typewriter videos. Will the Circle be unbroken in the great By and By?

    2. If you only need to reposition the silent spring to the other side of the pawl in an SM9, you can access it from the bottom without taking off the shell.

  2. Agreed. Gerren made a very good series. The man is gifted.

  3. Great stuff Ted! Back to the bench with my SM3 & 4’s…

  4. Love his site. Helped me a bunch on my Remington portable.

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