Mail Call & Thriftin’ Report

I thought this might be some sort of ciphertext, but was too lazy to think about it too much. :D Panasonic RR-830 Transcription Cassette Recorder! I once had the microcassette version of this, with the same foot controller, but I gave it to Goodwill a year or two before microcassettes became cool in the Typosphere. I kick myself for that. :P Currently in the earholes:

So yeah, Surprise pieces of other people’s lives on those cds that I thought were all blank. This happens sometimes when you buy used stacks of CDs on a spool at thrift stores. A Wedding, A funeral, a graduation and then the empty nesters take a vacation to Cabo. An era of some Mormon family’s life contained on 3 mini-cds. Here are some abstracted highlights…

Updated: February 1, 2024 — 8:12 pm


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  1. Those pictures are like having a vacation (or funeral) without the hangover!

    I have a cassette tape about ready to send your way, just in time for your dictation machine!

    1. I feel a guilty pleasure looking at those photos…

      Wow, Sean really upped the bar for Canucks with the CPR, stamps of Queen Lisbeth II, her father, a female caribou and the first mail run between Québec City, Trois-Rivières and Montréal (thanks to Benjamin Franklin and John Foxcroft).

  2. I also got a nice letter from Sean, replete with stamps galore!

    1. Heh, yuh – the Canadians have good stamp game. Looking forward to your letter/tape! :D

  3. Ha! It is basically a fortune cookie! Printed with a little rubber letter stamp kit. A quote from Scientific American, circa 2019.

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