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  1. Not entirely sure how, but the screenshot of the computer desktop brought a memory rushing back: LiteStep. Did you ever play around with that? Apparently, it’s still available. It’s an open-source Windows shell replacement. I’ll be tempted to install it on the Munk Machine.

    1. It’s MX 19, a Linux distro: https://mxlinux.org/
      I think I’ve heard of LiteStep, but never played with it. I downloaded it, so maybe I’ll install it on one of my laptops during TCL soon.

  2. Nice H3k. One of the 2 Hermes typefaces I don’t have. Mine is a Director Elite.

    I prefer what my Cajun friend used to always say, “done did”.

    At the typewriter Mrs. Smith’s words always echo, “now class center the carriage and put the cover back on your typewriter.”

  3. Mrs. Nelson sounds like quite the pedantic pedagogue!

    1. I suppose teaching was different back then. It was apparently effective in at least getting me to keep the memory, though I don’t always put it into practice. (:

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