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  1. Well, I can nod to all the reasons invoked for keeping more than one typewriter.

    What I struggle with, is which one would I keep if I was to have one only?

    1. The awesome thing is that you don’t have to limit yourself to only one! :D

    2. Daniel, as I am one of the very few who can seemingly answer this question with confidence, I have once again begun to question my sanity.


    3. Good stuff πŸ‘ I rotate typewriters also,but,have lost track of which machines have been used for who. I thought I would work towards getting down to a few. Then my wife tells me why? You’ve put in so much time and work to save them and you use them all,why get rid of any of them? You tell me each has its own story,its own feel. Sell the few on the 4 sale shelfs and save the rest. Eat the cake! Dance in the rain! Life we’ve learned can change or be gone in an instant. Enjoy what you can, while you can. I’m a blessed man ☺️

  2. What rub on letters were you using? I was just thinking about the Letraset sheeta my dad used to use. He was a museum curator so used them for a number of purposes. He even had sets of the white Letraset drawers to keep them all in!

    1. A variety of brands; Letraset, Deca-Dry, 3M, etc. Some are meant for lettering overhead transparencies.

  3. You are obviously a much more considerate correspondent than I am. With the exception of writing to those who I know have poor eyesight, I tend to use whatever typewriter I happen to feel like using at any given point in time. I wouldn’t say that I’m a “correspondents be damned” kind of guy, but chances are I’ve used the same machine many times over to write yourself and others. I wonder if others are typing about me behind my back as a result?

    Patiently looking forward to the next installment of your TCS…

    1. ahh, well I don’t expect others to be that anal, it’s just something I like to do :D

  4. 1. I like looking at typewriters.
    2. I like working on typewriters.
    3. I like writing with typewriters.
    4. I like having type style choices.
    5. I like curating collections.
    6. I love the Typosphere!

  5. I agree fully with Mei Lynne’s list. After all I have one of each H3k typefaces except for Epoca and Director Pica not to mention about 100+ others that I use from week to week.

  6. When you have 50 typewriters, you can have excellent typewriter tasting parties – a good spread.

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