VariTyper Now Functional (well one of ’em anyway)

Weapon of Choice: 195x VariTyper Unknown #obliterated Varityper: 1946 Typefaces/Fonts Catalog [Ralph C. Coxhead] Picked this one up from Mesa Typewriter Exchange’s back parts machine room, covered in 30 years of grime. It now works after a deep degreasing, but weirdly the spot on the frame where the model name and serial number are is obliterated with an electric engraver. I suppose this machine was “hot” at some point in its life. None of the top covers are there, but the ones from my DSJ do fit, so I might end up using them despite the dial holes in the front.

Updated: October 2, 2023 — 8:08 pm


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  1. That’s such a funky machine! I’d love to see you write the story of the “hot” Varityper, why it got stolen and by whom. Written on said machine!

  2. This typewriter frightens me. That is all.

    1. then be prepared to be frightened by a postcard coming your way (:

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