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  1. Well, if you weren’t in AZ. I have a pretty nice looking and working Zephyr. I need to check if I have it on the TWDB. Guarantee the Skuriters are much nicer.

    1. Huh, I did a more detailed check on the parts manual, and it looks like it’s mostly directly visible stuff that’s the same like the segment, typeguide, platen assembly, etc – and screws. The platen assembly and most of the screws and nuts are the same between the Z/1Y and the 2Y. Moving through the mechanics underneath reveals about a 70/30 split between what fits the Z/1Y vs what fits all 3. So yeah, I’ll actually need a Zephyr. :P

  2. I haz zephyr, but it haz no spool covers. Other than that you’re welcome to it, if you want it. Lemme know!

    1. luckily, I do not need to get photos of the spool covers. :D

  3. The Zephyr has a very different escapement from the Skyriter, unlike any other I’ve seen. When a typebar comes up, it hits a wire under the printing point that triggers the escapement.

    1. well, that’s weird :D

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