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  1. I loved those slider phones with real buttons, especially in the Fab wearing gloves.Now, a modern phone with gloves on is a PITA!

    I liked that upside down scan, but now my neck hurts!

  2. Yikes! Good thing I learned to read upside down. Im sorry I’ll miss your OBS presentation, but it would be nice to see a nice set of instructions right here on your blog. *hint – hint, wink – wink*

  3. Yay! for the new info. It’s always a miracle, in my view, to have all the documentation of old technology. You are doing exceptional service here! Thank you :)

    Some of the older phones, like BlackBerries, had a swappable battery, making them probably more eco-friendly than the darn-impossible-to-open new phones.

    1. You will be missed on TCL this morning. I will also be absent but there in spirit.

  4. Oh dear, a sad TCL without Ted and Susan.
    We’ll do our best to make it a good one.
    Robert, who will be a bit later there

  5. Man, all the blood rushed to my head doing a head stand to read that upside down part. Then Mrs, M, who is smarter than me (school teacher) asked why I didn’t just turn the monitor upside down…
    Can’t wait for that Underwood book.

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