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  1. Apparently, I’m the girl who loves mushy keys ’cause I adore my SF DeLuxe. That is one typewriter I will never give up!

    1. yeah, Joe likes them too – it’s just a personal preference. They feel “dead” to me.

    2. Daniel Burgoyne


      Given the Hermeses 3000 and Ambassador’s buttery key action, I think you are very true and consistent with your own preferences.

  2. Well Ted, To me the SF is no competition for a nice Skyriter. Hard to beat the feel and quality of a Skyriter. Congrats on getting such a fine machine.

    1. ahh, yuh – I feel like there’s distinct “experiences” I get from each model/manufacturer, where the variables sum up into a total that I either like or dislike. The angular 60’s SF certainly wins in the looks category, but fails in a primary category (“feel”). The Skyriter succeeds in all of the “feel” categories – but is durn fugly. Fugly I can fix with a paint job, though. :D

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