Third Score of the 2022 Typewriter Hunting Season: 1956 Olympia SM3 (the perks of paying attention in TCL chat)

Weapon of Choice: “Jubal Harshaw” 1956 Olympia SM3 #785328
1956 Olympia SM3 #785328 (Hunter Teresa C’s collection)
So the Typewriter Gods decided that a gifted Hot Rod Typewriter in swirly purple & silver wasn’t an amazing enough way to end out the 2022 Typewriter Hunting Season. I know, that’s pure crazy talk, but here’s the proof: Typewriter Club LIVE 2022-12-04

From T. C. to Everyone 12:26 PM
I’d like to give away a Smith Corona 5TE (antique white, Artistic Script typeface) and an Olympia SM3 (dark green, Double Gothic Pica typeface). Both serviced with new platen, well maintained. Message me via Typepals message if interested (T. C.)

From Me to Everyone 12:26 PM
Free? I like free (:

Hangin’ with the Poor Typist 2022-12-11

Updated: December 11, 2022 — 10:33 pm


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  1. Excellent. It’s nice to see someone that has given so much time and energy to the typewriter community receive some good typewriter karma in return.

  2. I can’t think of a more worthy recipient. The community is indebted to you for your labors in the vineyard of the typosphere. Also: Jubal Harshaw, LOL!

    1. Heh, name’s perfect, right? :D

  3. Congratulations on another superb typewriter!

  4. Congrats, Ted, you deserve it!

  5. Sweet!

  6. Thanks for sharing the unboxing with us on Hangin’ with the Poor Typist. So fun to see. Well-deserved, sir! Enjoy.

  7. Even though I was contacted first, I didn’t see the email in time. Oh well, you deserve ALL the typewriters for all the work you do! Plus Larry is giving me a script Olympia SM-9 after he’s done with the Valentine’s coffee shop thing he’s doing with typewriters. :)

  8. When this typewriter was new, was it originally designed for creating newsletter headlines or something like that? I can’t think of the name for upper and lower case CAPS combined. Perhaps someone knows?

    1. Normally called “Double Gothic”, often used in Business correspondence.

      1. Thanks, that’s good to know.

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