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  1. Well isn’t that a coincidence! I rember my dad using Lettraset sheets in the 1970’s.

    Am pretty sure I saw some at the vintage Office Pro store on Main St. in Manotick Village last November… Time to go back to get it and some of those metal bindings too.

    1. I’m guessing “@“ is “T”, hence “@ZU” is “THE”, “@ZOR” is “THIS” and “OS” is “IS”. Simple substitution cipher, from swapping type elements — from a Selectric?

      1. Yep, a Selectric element with different character encoding – makes for a great cipher ball. (:

  2. I still have a stash of these for doing radio panels. I’ve had them since the 70s. Keep them in a plastic bag in the refer and they keep for ????.

  3. I had some of these sheets of rub-on letters when I was a kid, and thought they were very cool!

    1. They were very cool back then. Alternatives were a professional skill and costly in time and money. Another fun solutions killed by technology.

  4. Did you pop the wrong ball on the SII or Mothra?
    Will you provide the decoder or do we have to figure it out?

    1. I have provided a decoder in the past – the number nine hundred and fifty three. Other than that, you’re on your own, but rest assured that the work isn’t worth the reward :D

  5. YES!!! I used them in my brief zine-making days, back in the late 80’s. It was painstaking, yet somehow magical.

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